Dot Driver Qualification File

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In order to meet the needs of our customers/Drivers, we have partners with Program Consultants offering a complete range of services and programs to enable your company to meet U.S. Department of Transportation. We offer an easy set-up to bring Driver Qualification Files into compliance.

“DQ” file maintenance program keeps track of all expiration dates with reminders sent to you when items are coming up to expire. For example: annual review of driving records, drivers’ license, etc. Background investigations and Drug and Alcohol checks are time sensitive, since the regulations give you a specific time frame to make “a reasonable attempt to secure”.  

Once files are set up, maintenance is easy.

Consortium Services

Valley Drug Tests offers random drug and alcohol testing selections through our consortium services.  We can place your regulated employees (DOT / FAA / FMCSA / USCG) into an appropriate random selection consortium to facilitate your random selections.

In addition, if you have non-regulated employees whom you wish to randomly test for drugs and/or alcohol, we can place them into our non-regulated selection consortium or, if you prefer, we can create a company-specific selection pool to draw from as well.

Supervisor Traning-Online (DOT)

Employee Awareness Training: Provides employees with a basic understanding of the problems associated with drug and alcohol use and the impacts of that use on the workplace. Employees learn when to say "when" and when to say "no".

The Supervisor's Role: Focuses on how supervisors can improve the productivity of their employees. It educates supervisors about key management skills that can help employees modify (or change) their behavior so they can become more successful at work.

Drug Testing: Teaches employees and supervisors about the drug testing process, from specimen collection through the medical review of results.

Alcohol Testing: Trains employees and supervisors about the alcohol testing process and the role of the substance abuse professional in counseling.